Denny Behm

– Strategic Advisor

Denny Behm is a strategic advisor of Arsenal and has worked for the company for 15 years. He is engaged in the search, identification and qualification, of companies and technologies consistent with Arsenal’s Technology Roadmaps. Denny is also responsible for assisting portfolio companies in transitioning their products to the defense industry and other Federal organizations. Denny had previously served in the aerospace industry for over 35 years in executive positions at several aerospace companies and as a test pilot.  At Lockheed Martin, Denny was responsible for development and deployment of classified satellite ground communication systems, reconnaissance systems, and other sophisticated communication systems.   Prior to that, at McDonnell Douglas Denny served in a variety of executive roles including the formation and management of corporate wide training systems, worldwide product support for McDonnell Douglas fighter aircraft programs, program management for a classified aircraft program, and various marketing roles.  Denny also served as a test pilot for F-4, F-15 and F-18 fighter programs.  Prior to McDonnell Douglas, Denny served in the US Navy as a carrier- based fighter pilot.

Denny no longer constantly “feels the need for speed” but he does enjoy riding his Harley Davidson all over the Western United States.. Teaching grandkids to ski and then watching them leave him in the dust provides a very different kind of excitement and a huge amount of pleasure and satisfaction..

An interesting sidelight to Denny’s heritage: In April 1912, Denny’s grandfather was immigrating to the United States and arrived in Southampton, England to embark on his journey. As an immigrant laborer with no money, his choice among ships was limited and he would certain be on the “lowest” deck for the voyage.  He had only two choices of ships to board.  One was the Titanic.  He chose the other.