PowerGenix brings 100 year old technology back to life for your Digital Camera

We mentioned that CES this year was a bit of a let down from the big guys like Microsoft, nVidia, AMD and Intel. Instead of wowing us with new consumer technology things were pretty much a rehash of items already in play. But that is not to say that CES was a letdown. Quite the opposite in fact; we found that the lack of major announcements by the big guys allowed us to explore the floor much more. One of the smaller companies that we ran across was PowerGenix.  If you have not heard of PowerGenix before do not be too concerned; before meeting them at CES we had never heard of them either. After our experience with their product; they are a company that we won’t soon forget. So without too much more preamble, let us introduce you to PowerGenix and their 100% recyclable Nickel-Zinc 1.6 Volt rechargeable batteries.

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