LS9 announces acquisition by Renewable Energy Group (NASDAQ: REGI)

A major milestone for one of Arsenal Venture Partner’s portfolio companies was announced today. Renewable Energy Group acquired LS9, a leading renewable chemicals company and AVP portfolio company since 2011, for a purchase price of $61.5M. Learn more here. Continue reading »


ATL will become PowerGenix’s partner for the high-volume manufacturing of NiZn batteries

Congrats to PowerGenix for securing a new manufacturing partner for its rechargeable Nickel-Zinc batteries. Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. Learn more about PowerGenix here (link to portfolio section). Continue reading »


Will ‘37.5’ be a magic number in outdoor apparel—and in bed, too?

AVP’s portfolio company 37.5 is not only driving innovation in outdoor apparel, its also driving change in the bedroom…more here. Continue reading »


NanoSteel product selected by Trimay for Canadian slick line project

NanoSteel, a long time portfolio company of AVP, and a leader in Super Hard Steel (SHS) has been selected for piping in an underground mine in Canada. Congrats to NanoSteel and more on this here… Continue reading »


Fabric leader Cocona Inc, has a new name: ThirtySevenFive.

Cocona rebrands as 37.5 not only representing the brand’s unique technology, but also the body’s natural core temperature. Check out 37.5 in our portfolio section and here in this article. Continue reading »


Pantry Labs

Pantry isn't your typical food pantry…at all. Learn what they are doing in healthy vending here in this interview with their CEO. Continue reading »

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