October, 2011



Petra Solar Acquires Jordan-based EnergyFlow Consulting

AVP’s Petra Solar announced the strategic acquisition today of a specialized consulting company in Jordan to enhance their positioning and offering in the Middle East and Africa. Learn more here.. Continue reading »


Petra Solar Reduces Costs for Municipalities

Learn how Petra Solar’s technology leverages an ability to manage distributed streetlights to bring down energy costs for municipalities… Continue reading »


Nanosolar’s CIGS PV Utility Panels Installed in National Guard Camps

Nanosolar brings its energy technology to the National Guard…Learn more here. Continue reading »


FCC Testing Spectrum Bridge’s Ultra Mega Turbo High-speed Internet

AVP’s own Spectrum Bridge has a patented technology enabling ultra high-speed Internet access. The FCC has taken an interest in Spectrum’s technology and is testing it out. Read more here… Continue reading »