June, 2010



UltraCell Introduces Industry’s First Water Resistant and Buriable Fuel Cell System

UltraCell brings water resistant fuel cell system to U.S. military. Learn more. Continue reading »


A123 grows both business and grid batteries

A123 brings grid size batteries as part of its growing business. Check it out here. Continue reading »


Petra Solar, Flextronics sign manufacturing pact

Learn more about Petra Solar’s manufacturing pact right here. Exciting new partnership with Flextronics. Continue reading »


PowerGenix brings 100 year old technology back to life for your Digital Camera

Learn about the noise PowerGenix made at CES this year. Continue reading »


Google, Spectrum Bridge sending smart grid data over TV waves

Google and Spectrum Bridge teaming up to tackle smart-grid data. Check it out here. Continue reading »


Florida utility tries out smart solar systems on utility poles

Tampa Electric testing out Petra Smart poles…check it out here. Continue reading »

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